Formulary Monographs [CARBAMAZEPINE, 281292]

Grand mal (tonic clonic), partial (focal) and complex partial
Psychomotor or temporal lobe seizures. Drug of choice. Trigeminal neuralgia.
Withdraw drug slowly. Drug increases hepatic microsomal enzymes
- increases warfarin metabolism, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, Unsteadiness, rash in 3% patients. Occasional jaundice and (rare) leucopenia. C.f. prescribing in liver and renal disease p. 11, 24
Adult: Epilepsy: 100-200mg 2 times daily, increasing as necessary
to 800-1200 mg/day daily in divided doses with food. CNS side effects are dose limiting. Trigeminal Neuralgia: 100mg 2 times daily. Child 1 month-12yrs: Initially 5mg/kg at night or 2.5mg/k