Formulary Monographs [ALBENDAZOLE, 0808]

Threadworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, Strongyloides, Hookwormand Pinworm, neurocysticercosis
Gastrointestinal discomfort, headache. Do not use during pregnancy. Use an effective form of birth control while taking this medicine and for at least one month after your last dose. Patients being treated for neurocy sticercosis should receive steroid and anticonvulsant therapy .
Adults and Children 2 years and over: 400mg as a single dose. Strongyloides: 400mg as a single dose for 3 consecutive days. Cutaneous Larva Migrans: 400mg daily for 3 days. Neurocysticercosis: 2 tablets twice daily for patients over 60kg. Under 60
Avoid use in pregnancy.